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Jumpstart your running training today. With a professional training plan you are more likely to achieve your goal and less likely to get injured. Ultimately, high-performance is not simply about training more or harder. It is the result of science-based and experience-tested training. Train smarter, race faster!
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Hi, I'm coach Sandro Sket, a masters division athlete and NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). I coach amateur competitors of all levels who want to improve their running performance within the confinements of a busy work/life schedule. Email me for running-related questions.
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Run faster than you thought possible with the modern training method of elite runners. Get your template now!

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"Sandro's in-depth knowledge of sports coaching enabled me to successfully reflect on my training. He is an approachable individual who truly cares in progressing a runner, at any level, to break his or her barriers to success." Angelo Karagiannis
"Since I started training with Sandro Sket, my overall triathlon performance went up, especially in my weakest discipline that is running. Within 3 months I improved my 'off-the-bike' run by 25 sec/km without adding extra mileage." Michaglio Masiar

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