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Hi, I'm Sandro Sket, an athlete, NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), and coach to competitive distance runners. I'm an advocate of funnel periodization, which builds a base of speed and endurance first before transitioning to race-specific abilities. You can hire me as your online running coach...

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"Sandro's in-depth knowledge and understanding of sports coaching enabled me to successfully reflect on my training. He is an approachable individual who truly cares in progressing a runner, at any level, to break his or her barriers to success." Angelo Karagiannis
"Since I started training with Sandro Sket, my overall triathlon performance went up, especially in my weakest discipline that is running. Within 3 months I improved my 'off-the-bike' run by 25 sec/km without adding extra mileage." Michaglio Masiar
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