10K Training Plans

Faster 10K times are not just about training more or harder. Above all, you need a variety of effective workouts in different training zones, in the right amounts, at the right time.

“Smarter training separates competitors from fitness runners.”

Improve your high-end endurance
Improve your lactate threshold
Improve your VO2max
Improve your speed

10K Beginner

10-week plan
3 running days/week
15 miles/week (24 km/week)

10K Intermediate

10-week plan
4 running days/week
25 miles/week (40 km/week)

10K Advanced

10-week plan
4 - 6 running days/week
37 miles/week (60 km/week)

10K Pre-Elite

10-week plan
5 - 7 running days/week
50 miles/week (80 km/week)