Marathon Training Plans

Extraordinary marathon race results are the outcome of comprehensive, systematic training. Run faster than you thought possible with the 4SPEED™ Method that maximizes your general endurance, lactate threshold, VO2max, and neuromuscular power through funnel periodization within 16 weeks.

“Funnel periodization – the preferred method of elite level athletes and coaches.”

Develop your general/high-end endurance
Elevate your lactate threshold/tolerance
Boost your aerobic capacity (VO2max)
Increase your neuromuscular power

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Funnel periodization – a modern training method pioneered by the Kenya-based elite running coach Renato Canova. It preconditions your speed and endurance early in the training cycle so that you can reach a higher VO2max and lactate threshold in the subsequent focus block and eventually run a faster race pace.

1. Foundation - This is the base + speed phase which is characterized by extreme polarization.

2. Pre-Competition - This is the fitness phase with a focus on VO2max and lactate threshold.

3. Race-Specific - This is the sharpening phase where your race-fitness is brought to a peak.

Mar Beginner

16-week plan
3 running days/week
25 miles/week (40 km/week)

Mar Intermediate

16-week plan
4 running days/week
40 miles/week (64 km/week)

Mar Advanced

16-week plan
4 - 6 running days/week
55 miles/week (88 km/week)

Mar Pre-Elite

16-week plan
5 - 7 running days/week
70 miles/week (112 km/week)