Marathon Intermediate

The marathon intermediate training plans are available in 8, 12, 16, and 20 weeks—in miles and km. Activate your free FinalSurge account, get your online plan, and start training like a pro.

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The training method
Funnel periodization – a modern training method pioneered by the Kenya-based elite running coach Renato Canova.

It preconditions your speed and endurance early in the training cycle so that you can reach a higher VO2max and lactate threshold in the subsequent focus block and eventually run a faster marathon race pace.

1. Foundation - This is the base + speed phase which is characterized by extreme polarization.

2. Conditioning - This is the fitness phase with a focus on VO2max and lactate threshold.

3. Race-Specific - This is the sharpening phase where your marathon race-fitness is brought to a peak.
"Sandro’s expertise and attention to detail has helped me improve more than I had thought possible. Through his online coaching, I was able to break my 20 year 5K PR by 21 sec to 15:48. And with his training plan, I was able to break my half marathon PR by almost 4 min to 1:14:29.
Shai Birmaher
"Following the competitive marathon plan helped me reach a new PR with a first place overall finish in 2:39:37 on a hilly course. Sandro’s scientific approach ensures that every run and workout has a purpose, culminating in arriving at the starting line fit, healthy, and fresh."
James Mount

Mar Intermediate


8-week plan

Mar Intermediate


12-week plan

Mar Intermediate


16-week plan

Mar Intermediate


20-week plan