Coach Sandro Sket, CSCS

Hi, I’m Sandro Sket, CSCS. Having studied the philosophies and methods of all the great coaches (past and present), I’ve become an advocate of funnel periodization. I’m bilingual in exercise science (English & German).

Qualifications as a Coach

  • NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist)
  • EBFA-Certified for Foot Strike & Functional Movement

Experience as an Athlete

  • 24 years of training experience
  • First 1/2 marathon age 17

Personal Records on 25miles/week

  • 400m in 0:53.8sec (2016)
  • 800m in 2:07min (2016)
  • 5K in 16:31min (2013)
  • 10K in 34:32min (2013)
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