10K Intermediate Training Plan

This 10K intermediate training plan is designed for the intermediate level runner who can run 4 times per week averaging 25 miles (40 km) of weekly training.

Over a period of 10 weeks, it systematically improves aerobic endurance, lactate threshold, aerobic capacity (VO2max), maximal speed, and running economy specifically for a 10K peak performance. It includes easy runs, long runs, steady-state runs, threshold runs, VO2max intervals, and repetitions.


10K intermediate training plan

This 10K intermediate training plan is designed with funnel periodization (see graphic above), a non-linear training method pioneered by the legendary Renato Canova. Unlike linear periodization, this modern training method includes general speed into base training. It gradually progresses from general to race-specific intensities.

1. Foundation – This is the base + speed phase which is characterized by extreme polarization.

2. Conditioning – This is the fitness phase with a focus on VO2max and lactate threshold.

3. Race-Specific – This is the sharpening phase where your race-fitness is brought to a peak.


The Running Workouts

EASY RUNS: Run at a conversational pace, easy runs target your slow-twitch muscle fibers. They also create balance in your training plan.

LONG RUNS: The major benefits of long runs are increased glycogen stores and improved fatigue resistance.

STEADY-STATE RUNS: These runs near your aerobic threshold and train your high-end aerobic endurance.

TEMPO RUNS: They improve your ability to clear lactate from your system and are carried out at 10K – HM pace.

VO2MAX INTERVALS: These workouts increase your heart’s stroke volume and train your intermediate fast-twitch muscle fibers (type IIa) aerobically.

SPEEDWORK: (Track) repetitions provide the neuromuscular power to increase your general speed and the anaerobic support for VO2max workouts.

REST/CROSS-TRAINING: I encourage all runners to engage in either strength training or cross-training activities on at least 2 of their non-running days.


Pace Chart & Heart Rate Zones

This plan comes with a pace chart that helps you to find the appropriate pace for each and every type of run. The paces are based on a recent race performance or your estimated current race pace. As your performance improves during the course of the training plan you can easily advance the paces.

All training zones slower than VO2max pace also come with a heart rate suggestion in case the weather, terrain, or fatigue don’t allow you to follow the pace guidelines. In fact, I recommend using the heart rate as the default measure for easy runs and long runs.



Although each workout is described in great detail you can contact me anytime for questions that may arise. I will answer within 24h. If it turns out that the level you have selected is too hard or too easy for you, I will provide you a complimentary plan for a different level.

10K Intermediate Training Plan

This 10-week 10K intermediate training plan averages 25 miles (40 km)/week with 4 runs/week. The long run starts at 6 miles (10 km) and peaks at 10 miles (16 km) in week 8.
Every 4th week is an active recovery week with reduced mileage and intensity.
This training plan develops your ability to run a faster 10K by improving aerobic endurance, lactate threshold, aerobic capacity (VO2max), general speed, and running economy.
Should this plan turn out being too hard or too easy, I will change it to another level free of charge.
"Sandro’s expertise and attention to detail has helped me improve more than I had thought possible. Through his online coaching, I was able to break my 20 year 5K PR by 21 sec to 15:48. And with his training plan, I was able to break my HM PR by almost 4 min to 1:14:29.
Shai Birmaher
"Following the competitive marathon plan helped me reach a new PR with a first place overall finish in 2:39:37 on a hilly course. Sandro’s scientific approach ensures that every run and workout has a purpose, culminating in arriving at the starting line fit, healthy, and fresh."
James Mount

10K Intermediate | Miles


10-week plan in miles | 2021 edition
4 runs/week | 25 miles/week
✔ 10 pages with coach notes
✔ Custom heart rate zones
✔ Custom workout paces
✔ Coach support (email)
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10K Intermediate | KM


10-week plan in km | 2021 edition
4 runs/week | 40 km/week
✔ 10 pages with coach notes
✔ Custom heart rate zones
✔ Custom workout paces
✔ Coach support (email)
Instant download