5K Training Plans

Are you not getting faster at the 5K despite seemingly best efforts in training?

Train with the proven 4SPEED™ funnel periodization method of professional athletes for your next race. Your only regret will be that you didn't discover it earlier.

Develop your general endurance further
Elevate your lactate threshold/tolerance
Boost your aerobic capacity (VO2max)
Increase your neuromuscular power
Improve your running economy

5K Novice

8-week plan
3 running days/week
10 miles/week (16 km/week)

5K Intermediate

8-week plan
4 running days/week
20 miles/week (32 km/week)

5K Advanced

8-week plan
4 - 6 running days/week
30 miles/week (48 km/week)

5K Pre-Elite

8-week plan
5 - 7 running days/week
40 miles/week (64 km/week)