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The 4SPEED™ Method

4SPEED™ stands for the 4 key performance metrics that determine your running race fitness: general endurance, lactate threshold, VO2max capacity, and neuromuscular power. Which metrics are emphasized the most depends whether you are currently training for a 5K, 10k, half marathon or a marathon. Learn more...
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Hi, I'm Sandro Sket, CSCS, an NSCA-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist and coach to runners with time-based goals. Having studied the philosophies and methods of all the great coaches (past and present), I'm here to help you achieve faster race results with the 4SPEED™ Method. I’m bilingual in exercise science (English & German).

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Train like a Pro-Athlete

Faster times from the 5K to the marathon are not just about training more or harder. Above all, you’ve got to do it right.

Train more effectively (and efficiently!) with the system of professional athletes to set new personal records. Download your free template here.

"Sandro's in-depth knowledge and understanding of sports coaching enabled me to successfully reflect on my training. He is an approachable individual who truly cares in progressing a runner, at any level, to break his or her barriers to success." Angelo Karagiannis
"Since I started training with Sandro Sket, my overall triathlon performance went up, especially in my weakest discipline that is running. Within 3 months I improved my 'off-the-bike' run by 25 sec/km without adding extra mileage." Michaglio Masiar

Standard Plans

8 - 16 weeks
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Custom Plan

8, 12, or 16 weeks
custom-made for you (ahead of time)

Online Coaching

personalized + flexible
ongoing 1-on-1 coaching
weekly custom plan (adaptive)

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